These docs are a comprehensive guide to the 88mph protocol v3, to help end-users and developers.

The protocol codebase is open-sourced and hosted on Github. It's maintained by 88mph core contributors and the community. It has been fully audited several times by security audits firms. In parallel, 88mph maintains a bug bounty program.

Please don't hesitate to ask on our social media channels if you can't find what you are looking for here:

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88mph is continuously iterating on the best way to operate a non-custodial, fully on-chain fixed yield rate protocol, don't hesitate to send us your direct and honest feedback here.

Learn more about the key upgrades between 88mph v2 currently available on Ethereum Mainnet and v3 on Ethereum Rinkeby.

88mph products

88mph offers two non-custodial on-chain products:

  1. A fixed-term fixed-rate yield product acting as an intermediary between you and third-party variable yield rate lending protocols to offer the best fixed yield rate on your capital, with a custom or preset maturity.

  2. A yield speculation instrument, called Yield Tokens (YTs), allowing users to speculate on the variable yield rate of third-party protocols such as Compound or Aave.

By using these products, users receive MPH tokens that can be staked to earn protocol revenues and exercise voting rights.


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