88mph Docs v3

MPH staking

By staking your MPH, you are eligible to collect 88mph protocol's revenues distributed as MPH and voting rights.

Three sources of protocol revenue

  • A 20% fee on the fixed-rate interest, which is computed at the time of deposit/topup, but stays in the pool until the deposit is partially/fully withdrawn (if it's a partial withdrawal only the fee on the withdrawn part is taken out of the pool)
  • A 0.5% fee on the early withdrawn amount from a fixed rate deposit. This fee is taken out of the pool when the withdrawal happens.
  • The liquidity incentive tokens received from protocols the fixed-rate APY pool deposits into (e.g. Compound, Aave). This never enters/exists the pool, it is sent directly to the dumper contract which will sell the tokens into MPH on the market every 14 days (bi-weekly buyback); think stock dividends without dilution.

Voting rights

When your MPH is staked, you receive xMPH in return for voting rights.

Unstake MPH

xMPH is a fully composable token, continuously compounding. When you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited MPH and any additional from protocol revenues.
You can unstake at any time without penalty.